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Queue Management Solutions

Platform Queue is an intelligent and cloud-based system that can monitor real-time queuing data and collect customer feedback. Our cloud-based software will then assess the data to enhance your agents and services performance, and increase customer satisfaction.
Streamline the customer journey across every touch point. Control the queues, know the real-time metrics, data-based business decisions, and increase revenue. The cloud-based queue management system provides a solution to any business size and world-class customer service at any scale.
What is the return on your business?
Decrease in wait time while increase in the number of customers being served
Increase of satisfaction rate among staff
Cost-effective solution since it is built with solid technologies, it is open to integrations with third-party systems (API’s)
Increase in CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)
Combining queue management system with digital marketing activities to improve brand loyalty
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Zamzam Mall, 6th of October, Egypt

+2 01005067167

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