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About Us

Our Story

Back in 2020 after the covid-19 pandemic first wave, three friends were meeting: a business analyst, a marketer and a software developer. The discussion was revolving around one question: How can people and organizations face such a situation of social distancing? The answer was: Digital transformation!
After months of market research, they reached a conclusion that the market is having a challenge that almost all existing queuing systems solutions are either un-customizable, or too expensive and require many hardware devices to function.
At this point, Platform was established as the first company in Egypt combining digital queue management systems with digital marketing offering brand new solutions to elevate the service experience to a whole new level.

Why Platform?

Platform Queue is researched, architected and developed by a team of business analysts, marketers, user experience experts and technical engineers.
Our technology connects customers with business while helping employees performing their duties in the most productive way.
Platform Queue streamlines service operations. Our feature-rich solution can be tailored to your organization to produce an automated workflow that delivers an exceptional customer experience every time.


At Platform our mission is to add value to service and transform challenges into digital convenience.
We are experts in digital transformation.
At our core, we are a company that is passionate about elevating service and marketing experiences.


To upgrade service performance by offering contactless & green solutions.
We are aiming to always provide best solutions to facilitate & optimize customer journey from pre-booking to post-service empowering valuable marketing tools and business analytics for enterprises of every type.


Customers are at the heart of everything we do and we strongly believe that our success is fueled by the satisfaction of our valued customers.
Commitment, integrity, innovation and customer care are part of our DNA.



Zamzam Mall, 6th of October, Egypt

+2 01005067167

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