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Platform Queue Advanced

A holistic omni-channel solution for enterprises that orchestrates the customer journey management for optimizing service and marketing efficiency on all branches through centralized hub
Offers online appointment booking, mobile e-tickets and virtual queuing
Hardware minimized with the option to be just a tablet at entrance
Digital signage software with informative data and advertising
Tailored to your needs and scalable as your business grows
Customizable reports and business intelligence
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Improved customer experience

Smooth customer journey
Bypassing long queues
Waiting time & service details availability
Equal attention and better experience

Brand loyalty

Improved brand loyalty
Improved service efficiency
Customer load management
Employee performance evaluation

Enhanced employees performance

Efficient customer handling
Optimal productivity
Higher performing environment
De-stressed environment

Key Features


Platform Queue can become a CRM as well for you and let you record the details of the visitors to walk in to the organization but move out without benefiting from any service.

KPI Measurement

Platform Queue is handy for measuring the performance of each agent and comparing it with the KPI’s set by the management and clearly highlight the shortfalls and suggest the preventive actions. Collect actionable feedback with customers’ reviews.

Live Monitoring & Status

Keep your customers well informed about their wait time and turn by SMS, WhatsApp notifications and mobile application notifications.

Staff Forecast

Platform Queue uses the business intelligence and data mining in order to forecast the amount of staff required in a particular period or season for the best customer service achievement.

Advance Reporting Engine

Monitor, measure, compare and improve your customer services through the live and historical data representation provided by Platform Queue Advance Reporting Engine.

Centralized Administration

Manage your customer flow of different locations from a central location through the Platform Centralized Administration Suite.

Integration with third party

Platform Queue is cost-effective solution since it is built with solid technologies, it is open to integrations with third-party systems (API’s).


Platform Queue has the ability to accommodate customizations to any extent and adapt to the needs of the businesses of different sectors and industries. Can be scaled up from a single point-of-service to any number of branches.

Customer Education

Use Platform digital signage system seamlessly, integrated with Platform Queue to educate your customers using the state of the art representation of content in different forms. Increasing sales by leveraging digital advertising.

Business Intelligence

Plan on how to provide better services to customers through the information provided by Platform Queue business intelligence reporting engine.



Zamzam Mall, 6th of October, Egypt

+2 01005067167

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